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First draft of rules about how the community should work. These aren't Safety Rules but are things which are important for the community to work well together, to be welcoming to new people and diverse people, etc. They should play nicely with, but be more concrete than, our Community Values.

ideas for enhancing/shortening/improving current rules and guidelines

Current rules at [1]

What's good about them:

  • clearly spell things out (It's startling how many people can interpret simple things differently)
  • separate hard rules and guidelines a bit
  • are very long - shortness would be nice, but at the same time people interpret things so differently there may be value to length
  • could maybe be partly conveyed more nicely in pictures?

thoughts on rules

  • what is unacceptable behaviour
    • if you use the kit in a way which is concerning to others (for whatever reason) - then that's banned
    • unacceptable behaviour might involve kit or the space or other members or visitors.
    • if someone calls you out on unacceptable behaviour then stop
  • no individuals to bring alcohol? is alcohol essential to culture? (DEFINITELY no individuals to use kit after drinking, anyway)
    • tough one
    • "if you are done for the day, you can have a drink, but then NO kit"
    • question as to whether "one drink at the end of the day" is a slippery slope to lots of drinks
    • decision of committee is final.
    • This question was NOT RESOLVED.
  • no overnight sleeping in the space
    • it's a creeping thing.
    • Achieve a culture where we can talk about it, without splitting hairs about definition of sleep...
    • a known issue for other spaces.
  • Rules are there for the people who have to enforce them.
  • OPEN QUESTION about level of rules: do we have rules which are tough and turn the odd blind eye to minor infractions, or relaxed rules but if there's a problem then raise it.
  • we can change the rules!
  • resource allocation - eg for 2 day print jobs - a question for future discussion (or for tackling when we hit the problem)