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Training for circular saw

Training and induction will start with a tour of the tool introducing all its parts. The following points will be covered.

  • Plan work to prevent kick-back. ie. make sure the back of the blade never gets pinched.
  • Take special care to mount work securely, particularly small items.
  • Set the base plate for minimum blade exposure.
  • Secure only one side of the work.
  • The tool has a splitter to help prevent the work pinching the back of the blade. Sometimes additional steps are needed to keep the cut surfaces apart. This is important because the tool could be kicked out of the work.
  • Hold the tool securely with both hands with the right hand on the trigger handle.
  • Never cross arms during cutting.


Sessions are advertised on

Trained Users

The following members of Makespace are owners of the circular saw, so are trained to use, and teach use of it.