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Class Green equipment: Negligible risk. No formal training is required or offered. If you need help just grab the nearest member and ask.
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Equipment / Electronics Workbenches / Logic Analyser

Saleae Logic16


This is a 16 channel, PC based, logic analyser on long term loan from Tim Thornton. It iscapable of 100MHz capture on 2 channels or 12.5MHz capture on all 16. Full specs are available here

As there are currently no PCs dedicated to the electronics benches, you will require a laptop to use the analyser. Software can be downloaded here for Windows, Linux or MacOS.

Note that the UI does not show the capture in real time, but does allow for triggering. It can decode I2C, Async Serial, SPI, 1-Wire, CAN, I2S, PCM, UNI/O, Manchester, and MP Mode.

The analyser is stored with a mini-USB lead, and 2 sets of test leads, and 2 bags of 8 probes.