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Class Red equipment: Do not use without specific training.
(More about equipment classes)

Equipment / Grinder
Our grinder


We have a small bench grinder kindly donated by a member (Hilka 6" 0.5HP/370W 3000rpm p/n 91 6000 12). It is a moderately dangerous tool so training is required before members are permitted to use it. Please only use it for grinding steel. It is useful for sharpening a range of tools or smoothing steel parts. A common use is for making custom shaped cutting tools for the lathes we have. Also, if the end breaks off a drill it can often be made good again by regrinding the jagged tip. It is more versatile than a hand file for doing certain shaping operations on hard metals.


Using the grinder

If you would like to use the grinder please take a careful look at the training page

and then contact the owners to arrange an appointment.

Health and Safety

Make sure that the grinding wheels are in good condition without cracks or chips before turning on the motor. If you see any damage report it to an owner and put a large label on the tool warning people not to use it. Exploding wheels can cause a lot of damage even though they are partially encased.

Check that the electrical cable is in good condition.

The operator must wear goggles as protection against the sparks, and anyone nearby should as well.

Only the owners should change wheels.

The risk assessment is at Risk assessment.

The best safety tips I know are;

  • 1) Before entering the workshop make a mental resolution to work safely.
  • 2) Make a plan. Know what you want to achieve and leave plenty of time to do it without rushing. Haste is a big hazard.
  • 3) Ask if not sure. Be sure to know what you are doing before using a hazardous tool.