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Class Green equipment: Negligible risk. No formal training is required or offered. If you need help just grab the nearest member and ask.
(More about equipment classes)

We have a plotter.

It is an HP Designjet 750C Printer. More information is available [here].

It is on the network at


  • Tested as working by Jonny on 02 Mar 14
  • CYAN flaked out again - 03 Mar 14
  • And again - 19 Mar 14 (Hidde-Jan; also updated IP address which has a typo)
  • CYAN is not printing - 08 Sep 2014 (Diana Probst)


For any method of printing, make sure the network cable is plugged in. The power lead is connected to Laser2.


(hat tip to TobyM for the pointer!); tested on OSX 10.9, March 2014

- Download and install Gutenprint
- Add printer
- TCP/IP (
- Select driver (HP Designjet 750C Plus)
- Done. Happy plotting.


- Download and install cups client, cups server, and hplip bundle (for the correct drivers), for your OS.
- If necessary, start cups.service or cups demon
- Open localhost:631, hit Administration tab, click Add New Printer and choose HP hplip.
- Fill in the things that need typing with names that make sense to you
- Scroll down to HP Designjet 750C Plus - if there are two, select one and test it
- Choose A0 paper size and RGB colour (other colour combos may work but have not been tested)
- Commit to everything and print a test page
- Declare tea and victory


To be written...