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Class Red equipment: Do not use without specific training.
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Equipment / Sherline Mill
Sherline Mill

Summary for Sherline Mill

The Sherline mill is a computer controlled (CNC) tool that can be used to machine complicated objects from a wide range of materials. Training is required before members use the equipment because it is easy for users to damage themselves and the tool. The tool can move (about) 60 cm in the X direction, 15 in the Y and 20 in the Z direction.


Health and Safety

  • Power supply to be disconnected when changing tools.
  • All cutting tools to be kept in their holders until they are required.
  • Cutting tools can be extremely sharp and must be handled with care.
  • Make sure loose clothing and hair cannot get caught in moving parts.
  • Waste material/offcuts to be kept clear of work area.
  • Equipment will be checked for defects before each use to minimise the risk of possible electrical faults or fire.
  • Carbon Dioxide extinguisher to be available for any electrical fires
  • Eye protection to be worn when using the equipment.

The risk assessment can be found at Equipment/Sherline_mill/RA


Training and induction will start with a tour of the tool introducing all its parts. The following points will be covered.

  • Keep hands well away from the spinning tools.
  • Take care to mount the work securely.


Tips & Tricks


  • Clean away all swarf at the end of a work session.

Further Information