Equipment/Silver Bullet Commissioning

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This list is for the Vinyl Cutter Owners to edit, update and maintain. When all tasks are completed we should be ready to let people loose on the equipment.

Task Owner Status
Unpack and check delivery PAO, MT DONE
Update risk assessment PAO In progress
Get risk assessment approved
Agree equipment risk category
Write new wiki page
Update equipment summary sheet
Install Silver Bullet in its new home PAO In progress
Install SW on PC PAO DONE
Copy accessory instruction cards to a poster PAO DONE
Make a label to point out the power switch position (vinyl sticker!) PAO, MT DONE
Make a label to point out the light switch position (vinyl sticker!) MT DONE
Decide where to store the cutter sheets (wall hang?) PAO DONE
Make a box to hold all the accessories
Trim the computer bench to make more room for the Silver Bullet MT DONE
Put in a doorstop to prevent door hitting Silver Bullet MT DONE