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Note: Official Health and Safety rules are posted on the Makespace Website, not on the Wiki

Appointed persons

The appointed persons for Makespace are:

  • Laura James
  • Michael Thomas
  • Edward Imhagwe
  • Jenny Molloy

The appointed persons will ensure that:

  • The first kits are in their specified location and contain the specified items.
  • Employees and clients of Makespace are familiar with the first aid policy.
  • Coordinate training for employees, clients, and volunteers.

First Aid Kits

Makespace will provide first aid kits.

  • At least two first aid kits will be provided.
  • Kits will be located near the two sinks. (One sink is in the large central space. The other is in the kitchen on the mezzanine floor.)

The first aid kit contents will conform to British Standard 8599-1 2011 ("small" size kit or larger) and include at least:

  * First-aid manual
  * Medium sterile dressings (4)
  * Large sterile dressing
  * Individually wrapped triangular bandages, preferably sterile (2) 
  * Safety pins (6)
  * Sterile eye pads (2)
  * Bottle of saline eyewash (1)
  * Sterile adhesive dressing (40)
  * Alcohol-free sterile cleaning wipes (20)
  * Adhesive tape (1 roll)
  * Nitrile disposable gloves (6 pairs)
  * Finger sterile dressing (2)
  * Resuscitation face shield (1)
  * Foil blanket (1)
  * Shears (1)
  * Conforming bandage (1)

Additional first aid items for both stations:

  * Eye wash station (2 bottles)
  * liquid soap (1 bottle)
  * flashlight and extra batteries (1 set)
  * list of emergency phone numbers 
  * fire blanket (only in kitchen area). 

The kit will be stored such that it is out of children's reach but easily accessible for adults.

The appointed person will check the kits regularly and replace missing items or medicines that may have expired.

Accident Book

Makespace employes fewer than 10 people at the same time so its accident reporting requirements are reduced, however Makespace will provide an accident form in which details are kept of all accidents which result in injury to employees (whilst at work) and to clients (while in the space).

The book will record for each accident, the:

  • Name and address of injured person
  • Date and time of accident
  • Location of accident
  • Cause and nature of injury
  • Name and address of person recording the details

Data protection law require that personal information must be kept secure. Accident records are sensitive data and they must not be seen by other members of staff. The individual accident report form has been completed, it will be given to the appointed person to record in a separate log. The log will be on a computer which has restricted access.

The appointed person will examine accident reports and decide if they fall under the RIDDOR reporting requirements described at If so a separate report will be forwarded to the appropriate person in the HSE.

First Aid Training

Although Makespace cannot provide trained first aiders at any time. Makespace will encourage its clients and participating partner groups to investigate how they can provide first aid cover for themselves and their guests.

The appointed person for Makespace does not require formal first aid training, but Makespace will investigate how it can improve the capability of appointed person or persons.

A dedicated course for appointed persons is provided by for £35 per person. In addition to the requirements of an appointed person, it includes basic first aid training at a lower level than the formal Emergency First Aid at Work or First at Work courses.

There are many first aid trainers available and Makespace does not specify what level or type of training clients or partner groups should have. Examples of training providers for the one day Emergency First Aid at Work course and cost: