General Risk Assessments

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What risks do we need to assess?

This page goes alongside Health and Safety Policy Drafting, Fire Safety Policy Drafting, First Aid Policy, and is all about general risks, such as heights or falls. For risks about specific bits of kit, activity types (eg drilling) or materials (eg Li IOn batteries or paint stripper) see Equipment Activity Material Risk Assessments

Bear in mind we'll need some RAs for now (Founder Members in the space) and different ones perhaps for when we are open.

'What are the risks in Makespace today?

  • slipping and falling; uneven floors in workshop
  • standing on desks / chairs
  • unwired 3 phase
  • heavy lifting - poster on manual handling
  • getting trapped in the corridor outside the toilet if out of hours (the soon-to-be fire door is locked at that time)
  • (if you can think of anything else, please add it here!)

Then activities we might be doing quite soon:

  • soldering
  • sewing
  • (anythign else? for these we'll aim to use template risk assessments from other makerspaces as a starting point)