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Saturday 27th November, Make Day!

Please see the full details and RSVP at the meetup group:

Venue: ideaSpace

Time: 2pm - we're done

Makespace Todo List

  • CLG Forms
  • Mailing List web-page
  • Discuss CiviCRM
  • Bank Account Forms
  • Complete Fabrication/Router

People looking for equipment

  • Could I borrow an XBee or similar Bluetooth chip? (preferably broken out!) Jonny
  • JimM needs a crossover ethernet cable Jonny can bring. Is this for an IGEP?

People seeking projects

Hannah, a first year engineering student, would love to help out with any mechanical-type project. Will bring cake!

Projects seeking people

  • 'Makespace Planet' blog aggregator (probably one person). See
  • Bluetooth or USB HID Device bodge for old Psion Keyboard (I need some help on this) - Jonny
  • Cajon Drum (Nina looking for help/others wanting to make one)
    • Dan would love to get involved in this. Could probably bring necessary tools- Nina, do you have materials? Need some old guitar strings so will ask in music shop this (friday) afternoon.
      • Didn't make it to the music shop so if anyone can get hold of guitar strings then bring them along!
    • Hannah would like to help with this too - want a newbie to help out?

Hi it's nina here, I didn't realise jonny had put this post up, I am definitely still interested in trying to make a cajon but not sure how good I would be at the process. I haven't bought any plywood yet, what would you recommend! I think you need the old snare from a snare (or thats what I thought I may be wrong. Other than that it just seems to be glue and nails. Is this right?

Hi Nina, Dan here... The Cajons that I have seen made just use a few old guitar strings. The ones you want are the bottom couple (the thickest). An old snare will be too snarey. this guide: suggests that you use 12mm plywood for all surfaces apart from the front. for the front, you should use 3mm ply (as in this wikihow: ). Then you just need some screws to make the box and maybe some little feet. there is a youtube vid here also which explains the main method, but I wouldn't use his method of attaching the guitar strings... I have seen a better way of doing it. Hope this helps, I will be at ideaSpace a bit late (18:00ish i guess) and will come baring tools.

I think I now have everything, except guitar strings (didn't get chance to get them - if anyone has any going?) plywood is even cut to size. See you tonight nina