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Andy Slaymaker re:space (3rd Nov 2010)

We tell him we've got funding and that we need space. Discuss some requirements further, including giving description sent to IfM:

  • some teaching space - like a a classroom or conference room (eg space to project and have presentations (70m^2 sufficient, up to 100 ideal)
  • some workshop space - hard floor, workbenches, good lighting, etc (about 100-150m^2)
  • some social space (coffee, meetings,etc) (50 m^2 would suffice)
  • (clean area (eg for hosting sponsors, etc) ) - could be combined with teaching area
  • office space for residents and any employees

Immediate reaction: the large warehouse we've already seen won't do. We agree.

He has a couple of possibilities in mind. We won't mention things yet as they're not very certain at all

Discussion about working with commercial lettings agents:

  • This can work, it really depends on the relationship that the agent has with the owner - can a deal be done?
  • We should get Andy to look at things that we really like but that we suspect are hard for Bidwells, etc, to let.

Mentions norwich stereo for the first time. It seems to me that this would be an ideal space for us, but it is full at the moment.

Talk about working in conjunction with CityLife - they might also need to find a new building - it would be ideal for us to be in the same building as them, or at least close. Andy's hunting for space can be done with us in mind too, now.

Todo: Find out about Broers building Talk to land economy to see old IfM building. Get drawings from Mich Harding

Proceed building by building.