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Advises Registered Charity and Company limited by Guarantee

Charity is required because of

  • Premises
  • Aim to employ people {note that initially consultancy will be favoured over employement}

Limited company takes on liability, not individuals. Health and safety - not sure

This involves registering with both companies house and charities comission

Not sure about whether we can do one and then the other.

Recommends talking to George Ruddock at CityLife re: Soc. Enterprise vs Charity (see Meetings/Business Link

Charities have tax benefits that standard models don't have.

CIC. NO tax incentives. NOT ALL funding bodies like them, suspicion over salaries being able to be extremely high, etc.


Would it be possible for us to join with a similarly aligned charity?

  • She thinks we're fairly unique in Cam
  • Reboot computers suggested

-- Charities have some issues around trustees. Exact limitations not clear, speak to Companies house/charity commission. Small numbers of trustees are perfectly possible and make a charity more wieldy, make it harder to inadvertently break charity law.

Can choose between appointed or elected trustees.


Note that Makespace 'ticks' many of the Big Society's boxes. Look at 'Big Society Bank'


Very useful recommendation - look at . This was made by top London solicitors in charity law and is new. {getlegal recommends CLG w. charitable status for us}

Don't pay for someone to set up CLG, it should be free/very cheap/you can do it yourself.

-- Info on tax and trading to come later.

-- Beware, workshops, etc might count as trading. Some limits.

Beware also, as keeping on the right side of accounts and charity law is very important.