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Most important details of FabLab meeting

Space: Utrecht, 1400 sqft [wish they had more space], Manchester 2700sqft

Manchester costs £150k /yr to run but could run cheaper. They don't charge membership

Their revenue streams and costs: 1) Lab for a day: £2000 / day £1000 SME £500 individual

2) Training & Innovation programmes. 10 delegates, £300 each. Run by FabLab

3 Events

4) Collaboration - work with innovation consultants to run workshops ==> more interest and revenue eventually

Most FabLabs are less commercially focussed.3-5yr funding without being sustainable.

Manager at FabLab £35-30k. If they also were expected to drive the project this would probably be higher.

Lots of support has come from Manchester's innovation wing of the city council

Council are biggest benefactors of such a space - minimal effort, huge impact for comparatively low cost

Consider talking to Marshall Aerospace and Pi Shurlock

Eddie would happily come to Cam if we paid his transport, he could then give a presentation.

Public liability insurance, £4500 / year. Key reasons this is so cheap

  • MIT already carried out risk assessments for equipment
  • Space looks 'clean' and machinery looks like printers, not like circular saws
  • Risk assessment is done on the process, not the machine

ALL users, even free ones, need to do an induction (30 mins on the first day they attend) - reduces insurance further

Be sure if we end up inside an organisation that it is an agile one, not some lumbering moonlight (such as a university)