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Brief meeting discussing working with Outreach Dept at Cam Uni.

  • The relationship shouldn't be difficult at all - there's good will in both directions to work together
  • Engineering Department's outreach scheme has to work around the space availability in the department
  • Marshalls were, at some point, looking to fund a city academy to improve engineering ability of Cambridge workforce
  • Places to look for space
    • MoT again
    • STEM Team
    • EMBS
    • Jesus college unable to help at this stage
  • On EMBS: Pro Vice Chancellor of Uni Ian White is responsible for BOTH town outreach AND EMBS, so could well be a good contact. GP to introduce
  • Spaces for 27th Nov
    • LR4? Book through Joy at department. {Tried now, busy}
    • Jesus college Forum
  • For getting people involved, use Joy and Elizabeth's lists. Run events for teachers as well.
  • Run a story in the local press
  • Geoff sees no objections to joined events
  • Talk to Igor Wowk about contacting the CUED alumni (!)
  • Write up in BlueSci student magazine.