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RAE Funding bid / Ingenious meeting

Stew, Laura, Jonny

Write the proposal to read "Makespace is happening, we need this money to make the public engagement side awesome"

Jonny to cold-call the name on the grant form to get further details. This is common for these processes, Questions

  • Lack of incorporation?
  • Can money be for employee?
  • How do we draw out the link with STEMNet
  • Is deadline for paper or digital copy?
  • Can we have more then two 'co-applicants' - who should they be

Advice: be keen and just talk about it - this won't be able to hinder bid , really - best to find out as much as possible now.

Draw out differences from other STEM activities: broader engagement, community colleges, etc better equipment possible more space The key thing here is that we will be attracting a whole load of new ambassadors.

Stew to put J in touch with Young Enterprise.

Consider family facing events. Note difficulties with less privileged access to these events.

Should we take advice on candidates? No, not really - it might just be a massive hassle and is unlikely to improve bid a great deal!


  • Aim for the person in the role to make themselves sustainable.
  • over the course of 18 months

Requirements for person: CRM enhanced, admin skills good, experience training - esp young people

What will they do: Hang out and help people organise events publicise events write them up afterwards (other fablabs important here) events/discussions

Evaluation: Project team will attend evaluation

Measure baseline first

  • eg ambassador engagement, how has it changed?
  • number of people attending events

steering committee who meet regularly and help ensure project is on track.

Evaluate as you go.

Measure publicity, eg with focus groups. Use people within the MS network to organise focus groups.

⁃ Focus on professional development for employee - point of evaluation is to ensure they know how to do their job and are doing it well, and that what's being tried is working. ⁃ Make sure that everything is well written up - have a blog for people using makespace - (makespace planet?). USE social media for public engagement.

Aim to share all that is learned

  • technical information
  • ALSO about running the project, so others can duplicate if they want to
  • try and contribute to Fab Academy
  • Attend any relevant conferences.
  • State that they are willing to work with RAE press department {damn, missed this in eventual bid}

--- Teachers' events: Bring them in to the space and run activities with them Could we have a web-presence targeting teachers (A: yes, but not in this bid, it is too packed already) Login space necessary

Remember to engage with a broad section of the population.

-- Impacts Long term impact and sustainability to the role. Define failure and how to wind-up the activities usefully

-- Costs: Mostly a salary, 2.5% contingency, sustainability important in the numbers.

Phone conversation with Leslie Patterson, RAE:

This fund is for getting Engineers involved - less about schools, etc, really {shame!}

Important to think about fostering a community of engineers engaged in outreach. there's. How can we promote outreach to Engs?

Important to reach new people. -Formal training in outreach - New skills in outreach.

What role will the person do? Make this clear

Keep project team genuine, don't add names for the sake of names. Number of engineers engaged not crucial/totally key. The main thing is that the quality is high.

Summary is VERY important. Too many bids fail on a summary that misses the point!

Think about defining this as a pilot scheme. give application to someone 'fresh to it' before submitting.