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Heavily sumamrised

  • Look again at Unltd, may not be as strict as I thought. They're valuable especially in connecting people to the right kind of support for social enterprise.
  • Jeremy will put me in touch with someone at Stagecoach who might be interested in funding Makespace
  • Continue to pursue Marshalls.
  • on CLG/Charity: things that CIC is also useful for absorbing higher risks than charities can take on. I need to research this.
  • Contact the new local education partnership. There are some similar initiatives to Makespace in Peterborough now, so they might have experience with this kind of stuff.
  • Consider ARU over Cam Uni for certain things - they have a more active, hands on course and might well be helpful in making MS happen.
  • WRT to Richard Prager's creativity centre, he mentions that Makespace will likely be valuable in helping that project get funded as it will show the utility of the idea.
  • WRT sponsors: We don't have to wait until there's a space but we might find things easier then. We can quite valuably talk to them now and tell them "we're building this cool thing" and then get them to come and visit while it is being used for excellent stuff, it demonstrates to them better why their sponsorship will be valuable (to us and to them!)