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Professor Richard Prager is 'Deputy Head of Engineering (Teaching) at the Cambridge University Engineering Department.

General relationship to Engineering Dept

The department has some plans for a 'creativity centre' on their premises for very similar things to Makespace. We discussed what possibility there was of the two groups working together - it's hard to tell. Creativity centre doesn't yet have funding - Makespace would make a valuable pilot/PoC for creativity centre. Money is tough for department at the moment.

Would it be possible to be hosted by the Engineering department? There's not much space free at the moment and there are some access issues, but they may not be insurmountable. Awaiting a response on this.

Engagement with the department over tools

The idea of making Makespace a 'Jumping off point' for people that want access to university equipment went down well - it should be possible to build a relationship that allows such sharing of equipment to happen.