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Makespace meetings

Rob HP, 3/Nov

Just an update discussion.

- Science fair: In march they would like Makespace to be represented at their science week event (they had 2000 people through the door last year, so this is an important advertising opportunity). Their event also sounds awesome.

Rob recommends exploiting social media better, and also having a 1-page summary about Makespace that we can send out and invite other people to send along as well. This is not the first request for such a thing.

EXCITE project: needs to take next step asap to retain money. How will makespace be involved in this? It could help us start to fulfil our quota numbers asap.

Permanent workshop manager: I suggest that IfM keep their eyes out for the right person and a pot of money for paying them. Discussion of qualities required - technical excellence (ie good with machines) - Flexible and prepared to say 'yes'! to experiments, etc - good admin skills/responsive and approachable This perhaps suits someone just finishing phd or a retiring workshop manager (especially as these fit better with likely available salary)

Outreach events: run 'Make-it', 'Use-it' and 'Fix-it' event past Rob - good response, likes them. Emphasises importance of making sure all results, especially 'Use-it' are well written up and available online. Very good point! Involvement with IfM possible - possibility of hosting at IfM.

Maker Faire - how can we work with IfM on this? Should we do it near the March event for science week and so they can provide similar events. Same place, different place? Bus shuttle to take people to/from events?

{It occurs to me that Maker Fair should perhaps be at the end of science week in Cambridge…?}