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We have a number of printers available in the space.

Dell 3100 color printer

Dell 3100 color printer.jpeg

Printing to the color color from Mac OS

The Internet Printing Protocol on the color printer is closed. Please do not change this, as it will be reset in the morning anyway. You can test the open ports in the Terminal (note that this will print a page with the packet details):

telnet 515 // OK for Line Printer Daemon port

telnet 9100 // OK for PDL data stream, also known as HP Jetdirect

telnet 9100 // not OK for Internet Printing Protocol, the default in Mac OS

To set up the color printer, go to System Preferences > Printers & Scanners. Click on "+" in the bottom left, then on "Add printer or scanner". In the new window, click on the "IP" tab. Enter these details: Address: dell3100.local Protocol: HP Jetdirect - Socket

You may also enter the current IP address of the printer. To get it, print a system report on the printer. Click on the bottom arrow until "Setup", again until "Reports", click the check mark. It should say "System Settings" in the bottom line, otherwise click left and right until you have it. Click the check mark, which prints a report and shows that port 9100 is open.

For the solution of port 9100 versus port 631, see this Apple discussions page. For a list of TCP ports, see this Wikipedia page.

HP 5200

Info needed.