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Status is one of Wishlist, Consensus, Authorised, Purchased.

Electronics workbenches Equipment/Electronics_Workbenches ? Simon F Consensus
Wood router handheld [1] + set of router bits £99 for router, £35 for bits Dan R Wishlist
Bandsaw [2] est £250-500 Stephen W Wishlist
CLX301 sewing machine Very well reviewed for thicker fabrics, still worse than metal machines though[3] £300 new Suggested
6234XL Janome overlocker [4] £400 new Suggested
Brother Innovis 750e embroidery machine A good compromise on having something relatively inexpensive but also not tiny area (180 x130 mm rather than 100mmx100mm) [5] £900 new/£750(ish) restored Suggested
PE Design Plus Needed for embroidery machine to work, it comes with basic software but not, e.g. creating stitch patterns from images [6] £350 Suggested