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A set of links arising from discussions on possible workbenches/desks for the Makespace.

Design Suggestions

Proposal 1

Proposal 1 workbench frame.

A hybrid of various designs on the web, including the Make bench, modified to only use 3 different lengths of wood, for ease / speed of cutting.

Proposed size is 810mm deep, 2440mm long, 925mm high (+ top thickness) - sized to fit well with three bench tops from two 2440 X 1220 sheets of MDF / Ply, so one bench will have a seam down the middle. Frame suggestion is 2x4 studwork as it's strong, and already has rounded edges. Frame would be sized to give roughly a 2cm lip of the top sheet around the vertical posts, thus about 58mm around the main lengths for clamps etc.

(B) lengths could be bolted to (C) uprights, so they could be disassembled if required, the rest would be glued & screwed.

Frame would weigh roughly 32kg, fairly sturdy but still movable by 2 people.

Rough pricing from Wickes:

Price for one frame with 12mm ply and 9mm MDF top (Frame £27.86, Ply £28.99, MDF £13.78) is £70.63.

Making in batches of 3 is cheaper, as we hit a price break for buying more than 20 lengths of 2x4, and don't waste any top sheet.

Price for three is (£63.63 + £57.98 + £27.56) = 149.17 (£49.73 each)

Wickes would charge £50 for delivery, might be worth seeing who has a van ;-)

Fitting both woodwork and workshop vices would be no problem, examples from Screwfix:

2 benches back-to-back in Sketch Up.

Links to possible designs for self-build