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The following is a list of the various ways the Makespace community use to keep in touch, and what sort of discussion should go on each.


The wiki ( is an online corkboard for documentation of space-related news, a member list and project list etc. but shouldn't be used for active discussion as it's way too clunky for concurrent editing.


The meetup group ( is for arranging real-space meetings. It's more for social meetings, and includes events with non-founder access to the space like the maker night, and outside events that might be of interest to the community..

Google group/mailing list

The general makespace mailing list/group (!forum/cammakespace) does double duty of a place for discussion of makespace-related issues (individual threads for "what do we do about storage", etc) and things that may be of relevance to the community but aren't strictly makespace business (requests for project collaborators, "does anyone want my old ____"-type postings etc.).

This can be accessed via Google groups online, where you can see individual threads of discussion, or treated as a mailing list and interacted with via email.