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Creating a Stencil

These instructions describe how to create a stencil using methods available at Makespace -- cut paper and cut sticky vinyl.


  1. Choose the method best suited to your design
  2. Choose lasercut or handcut paper or cut sticky vinyl. Note: only people trained on the lasercutter can use it.
  3. Remember to pay for any newsprint paper and/or sticky vinyl used

Paper stencils

  • Use newsprint paper (50 gsm). This is thin and will cling to the screen when wetted with ink.

Advantages / limitations

  • Suited to designs without 'islands' (for example the middle of a letter 'o')
  • No manual 'weeding' or peeling required to transfer to screen. No masking off required.
  • Design does not need to be reversed.

Sticky vinyl stencils

Advantages / limitations

  • Can support stencils with 'islands' but note that larger lettering and designs work better than more detailed ones.
  • Reverse the design beforePrint design in reverse, to be stuck onto the underside of the screen, closest to the workpiece.