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There are a bunch of things that might be useful to makespace. Perhaps you have something you think might come in handy?

Here's a place to collect a list of things we need for the space, and to offer things we have to donate to the space.


  • Camera that can take an SDHC Card (we have an Eye-Fi card we want to use to let anyone automatically take and upload photos)

Offered: Equipment and Furniture

  • Analogue Oscilloscope (Jonny Austin)
  • Small Pillar Drill (Simon Ford)
  • Hifi surround amp and floor speakers (Simon Ford)
  • Dark room equipment [enlarger, trays, b&w only] (Katie Jackson)
  • Makerbot, from batch 4, id 000081, print quality leaves quite a bit to be desired, included are a number of upgrades including a servo based extruder to replace the DC motor one fitted (Rod Williams)

Offered: Parts/Bits Offered

  • Box of misc. analogue valves (Dan Ros)

Offered: Skills/Experience

Do you have knowledge you could share with other makers? Add yourself to this table and let us know what you can teach, and what you'd like to learn.


Makespace is made possible by membership fees and sponsorship. We gratefully receive any donations, however small, that can help with developing, running and improving Makespace for everyone!

Places to get/put free stuff

There are lots of places on the 'net you can get/put your free stuff: