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Laser Cutter
3D Printer
CNC Model Mill
CNC Router
Power Tools
Electronics Workbenches
Fine metalwork Workbench
Glassworking bench
Vacuum Former
Makita Circular Saw
Rage 3 Mitre Saw
Warco Mill

The equipment you can find in Makespace.

Using our Equipment

There is a large and growing variety of equipment and tools; some are safe to use, some can be dangerous or are expensive and need training before use. We have divided all the tools below into Tool Classes. Make sure you understand which class a tool is in before you attempt to use it, and read the associated wiki page.

Consumables for some equipment can be used and paid for using the Honesty boxes.

The right tool for the job has some notes on what tools to use for various tasks.

Smaller equipment is listed on the Things and stuff page.

Equipment status for the larger items is available here.

The Workshop

The Space

Craft area


Proposals and Notes