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Equipment / 3D Printer / Training

3D Printer Training

This page documents the process for being trained on the 3D Printer, and the list of members who have completed that training.


Training takes place in three main steps:

  • Group Training of 1-4 members, going through the equipment and how to use it (~1hr)
  • Individual Training Task, where an individual member is set a task to complete to prove and improve understanding (~30min each)
  • Project Oversight, where more experienced users oversee the projects being undertaken when cutting (first 2-3 projects)

Training on the 3D Printer is run by the 3D Printer Owners. The 3D Printer Owners are a group of people responsible for maintaining and training on the 3D Printer, and hence have been trained to train, and trained to perform the weekly and monthly maintenance on the 3D Printer.


Please add your name to free slots in training sessions below.


  • You can only be trained if you have your name allocated to a slot (groups will be restricted to four at a time, so please don't make up additional spaces)
  • You must do the group and individual training on the same day

Trained Users

The following members of Makespace are trained and qualified to use the 3D Printer (note, they are not qualified to train others however):

  • --

Training Cheatsheet

The training structure and prompt sheet. Please note, this is used by the 3D Printer Owners as a prompt to ensure training is executed in a consistent and complete fashion is included on this page; this does not constitute and is not a substitue for the training itself.

Group Training

The group training introduction structure, suitable for 1-4 members at a time in a 1 hr session.

Introduction of main components

  • Printer
  • PC
  • Materials

Checks for everyone to do

  • Check in use, looks ok

Powering Up

  • Turning on

Project walkthrough

  • Package function, import file types, location, scale

Printer Operation

  • Start, pause and emergency stop function
  • Do job, pause/open lid, restart


  • --
  • Ensure confident of process

Power Down

  • Switch off
  • Switch off PC

Individual Training Task

The individual task to get familiar, prompt questions and check understanding:


  • Make something?
  • Should demonstrate import, setup, position and run
  • possible examples
    • caged sphere (31mm sq)
    • plain_game_tokes 1/2/5
    • SpaceShuttle-small
    • puzzle
    • CookieCutter_apple_small


  • Set individual to work, don't prompt but do answer questions (or pose if needed)
  • Talk through design once done, question/check things etc
  • Proceed to printing (watch carefully all steps)

Assuming all ok:

  • Get them to read the health and safety notes about operation and materials
  • Add to the trained member list!

Project Oversight

For next 2-3 projects, ensure member will find another more experienced trained user to support them (second pair of eyes)