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Equipment / 3D Printer / Training

3D Printer Training

This page documents the process for being trained on the 3D Printer, and the list of members who have completed that training.


Training takes place in three main steps:

  • Group Training of 1-4 members, going through the equipment and how to use it (~1hr)
  • Individual Training Task, where an individual member is set a task to complete to prove and improve understanding (~30min each)
  • Project Oversight, where more experienced users oversee the projects being undertaken when cutting (first 2-3 projects)

Training on the 3D Printer is run by the 3D Printer Owners. The 3D Printer Owners are a group of people responsible for maintaining and training on the 3D Printer, and hence have been trained to train, and trained to perform the weekly and monthly maintenance on the 3D Printer.


This is no longer handled here on the wiki.

For discussing and arranging slots, please use the mailing list thread [1]. New training sessions will be announced on the Meetup group.


  • You can only be trained if you have RSVP'd to a Meetup session

Trained Users

The following members of Makespace are trained and qualified to use the 3D Printer (note, they are not qualified to train others however):

  • Chris Abri
  • Rachel Rayns
  • Tom Ingham
  • Paul Osborn
  • Moin Ali
  • Andy Fisher
  • Edward Imhagwe
  • Yi Wei
  • Errol McMullen
  • Mark Watson
  • Catarina Violante
  • Maciek Piatek
  • Adrian van den Heever
  • Brian Corteil
  • Rod Williams
  • Peter Provis
  • Ben Evans
  • Roeland Schumacher
  • Archie Reid
  • Adrian Carr
  • Ward Hills
  • Paul Holland
  • Pop Sharma
  • Patrick Greaney
  • Kevin Latter
  • Martin de Selincourt
  • Alexis Mather
  • Andrew Dunn
  • Hannah Wray
  • Anne Harrison
  • Ben Alper
  • Ajith Shadakshari
  • Mark Mellors
  • Toby Moncaster
  • Alan Tennant
  • Jake Young
  • John Sturdy
  • David Bebb
  • Ben Wheatley
  • Diana Probst
  • Richard Mitchell (mandatory only)
  • Christie Nel (mandatory only)
  • Andrew Lipson (mandatory only)
  • Toby Roberts (mandatory only)
  • Dan Tidhar
  • Jennifer Herbert
  • Matthew Ireland
  • Harry Braviner
  • Saar Drimer
  • Robert Hoff
  • Daniel Garden
  • Armando Carlone
  • Marcin Izo
  • James Hutton (mandatory only)
  • Anthony Wainman (mandatory only)
  • Jia Wei Lim (mandatory only)
  • Julius Schmidt (mandatory only)
  • Hazel Jenkins (mandatory only)
  • Benjamin Kidder (mandatory only)
  • Joshua Keeler (mandatory only)
  • Simon Birrell (mandatory only)
  • John Simm (mandatory only)
  • Theo Sanderson (mandatory only)
  • Jon Aas (mandatory only)
  • Stephen Jeapes (mandatory only)
  • Anna Stoilova (mandatory only)
  • Jim Dilks (mandatory only)
  • Katia Dilks (mandatory only)
  • Aleksandar Tomic (mandatory only)
  • Gaye Saykok (mandatory only)
  • Fergus Riche (mandatory only)
  • David Barham (Mandatory only)
  • Marco Aita (Mandatory only)
  • Jason White (Mandatory only)
  • Brian Starkey (Mandatory only)
  • David Cox (Mandatory only)
  • Matt Grimes (Mandatory only)
  • Tim Regan (Mandatory only)
  • Stuart Wilson (Mandatory only)
  • Andy Spencer (Mandatory only)
  • Ester Leighton (Mandatory only)
  • Richard Fosh (Mandatory only)
  • Peter Knight
  • John Campbell
  • Arun Rao
  • Peter Mottram
  • Marcin Zaba
  • Jon Green
  • Dave Potts
  • Reid Potts
  • Mark Roberts
  • Piccardo Gheradi
  • Edward Imhagwe
  • Robert Hogg
  • Michal Stefanow
  • Charlie Stokes
  • Leo Impett
  • Patrick Wollner
  • Patrick Baigent
  • Kate Aston
  • Shelagh Shepherd
  • Damien Guihen
  • Paul Edgington
  • Wayne Keenan
  • Liza Read
  • David Horsnell
  • Emyr James
  • Francisco Cordobes Aguilar
  • Nicola Powys
  • Jia Wei Lim
  • Sonya Sireau
  • Andrew Gale
  • Andre Powell
  • Tom Myers
  • Hidde-Jan Lemstra
  • Mark Cheverton
  • Robert Karpinski
  • Alex Wortley
  • Jason Holloway
  • Alex Holloway
  • Mat Cook (1/5/2014)
  • Toby Norman (1/5/2014)
  • Toby Bunting (1/5/2014)
  • Rob Voisey (1/5/2014)
  • Joe Tapply (1/5/2014)
  • Carl Phillips (1/5/2014)
  • Alberto Santos (6/5/14)
  • Owen McAree (6/5/14)
  • Eric Jones (6/5/14)
  • Martin Hollis (8/5/14)
  • Mark Tillotson (8/5/14)
  • Neil Tan (8/5/14)
  • Mat Greenwood (8/5/14)
  • Alex Atkinson (15/5/14)
  • Al Napp (15/5/14)
  • Ian McFarlane (15/5/14)
  • Michael Dales (20/5/14)
  • Lihua Han (20/5/14)
  • Rick Lupton (20/5/14)
  • Stephen Woodhead (20/5/14)
  • Tim Rower (20/5/14)
  • Kristof Klos
  • Antony Quinn
  • Thomas Keller
  • Matthew Taylor
  • Shashank Srinivasan
  • Milosz Wasilewski
  • Tom Roberts
  • Alex Gee
  • Rob Yates
  • Joe Watson
  • Brandon Invergo
  • Marco Galardini
  • Owen Woods (09/07/2014)
  • David Taylor (25/07/2014)
  • Craig Richardson (25/07/2014)
  • Kevin Rathbone
  • Simon West
  • Guillaume Tucker
  • Zizwani Mhango
  • Joe Gribbom
  • Richard Armstrong
  • Rachel Bow
  • Will Hartley
  • Donatien Garnier
  • Graeham Douglas
  • Stevan Wing
  • John Sidiropoulos
  • Emilio Monti
  • Alba Diez
  • Rob Shore
  • Katy Marshall
  • Daniel Farrant
  • Jonathan Waite
  • Giovanni Orlando
  • John Clarke
  • Ben Week
  • Abhimanyu Singh
  • Gustavo de Rojas Foschtinski
  • Tariq Harris
  • Joe Turner
  • Clara Todd

7 April 2015

  • Juan "Jay" Cano
  • Jenny Molloy
  • Timothy Baldock
  • Robin Sterling
  • Henry Begg
  • Matt Wayland
  • Hugo Keene
  • Carlos A Lugo
  • Andrew Lipson
  • Adam Mulligan
  • Charlotte Harvey
  • Luke Twydell
  • Ed Robertson
  • Maria Isabella Gariboldi
  • Patrick H. Riggs
  • Jo Brook
  • (Andrew Holland - not yet inducted to Makespace)
  • Roy Gwinn
  • Tom Stroud
  • Alina Valea
  • Nik Newark
  • Alexandria Grigore
  • Fotis Georgottos
  • Gaillard Charles
  • Jacqi Gilbert
  • Clare Harriette Downey

UP Trained Users

  • Martin Lenz (Brian Starkey 12/3/15)
  • Alex Gee (Brian Starkey 12/3/15)
  • Harry Braviner (Brian Starkey 12/3/15)
  • Kim SJ (Brian Starkey 12/3/15)
  • Paul Edgington (Brian Starkey 12/3/15)

Delayed training blacklist:

Now on the wall in Makespace, near the 3D printers.

Training Cheatsheet

The training structure and prompt sheet. Please note, this is used by the 3D Printer Owners as a prompt to ensure training is executed in a consistent and complete fashion is included on this page; this does not constitute and is not a substitue for the training itself.

Group Training

The group training introduction structure, suitable for 1-5 members at a time in a 1 hr session.

3D Printing Induction syllabus:

how 3D printing works


 burn hazard
   nozzle and platter
 unit may move unexpectedly
 avoid prolonged exposure to ABS fumes

damage to machine

   is fragile - don't use scraper!
   is expensive
   needs to be clean
 don't leave the machine unattended
   heater could stick on if software crashes, for example


 SD card eccentricities
 keep lid on when printing
 switch off when finished


 how to tell the difference
 different temperature
 need to change temperature profiles!


 different axles for different spools
 spool from under reel
 beware of wrapping round axle!
 colours (no need to run out all because test strip does that)
 setting PLA/ABS
 cut off lump


 if model stuck, wait to cool
 keep an eye on it. can go strange half way!


 not often needed
 symptoms of unlevelness
   first layer too thin or varying thickness
   part not sticking
   worst case: head touching bed
 be careful not to damage kapton

software/workflow (it is proposed that the course should not include detailed introduction to the software, as this is mostly obvious, can freely be downloaded, and is well documented) - if there is high demand, consider running a software training course

 setting colours


 can't do scaffolding and multicolour - maybe not true anymore?
 issues with mixed materials

other stuff

 strength characteristics - orientation is important
 don't use fine
 don't leave the room

Individual Training Task

The individual task to get familiar, prompt questions and check understanding:


  • Make something?
  • Should demonstrate import, setup, position and run
  • possible examples (around 10m printing time)
    • plain_game_tokes 1/2/5
    • SpaceShuttle-small
    • CookieCutter_apple_small


  • Set individual to work, don't prompt but do answer questions (or pose if needed)
  • Talk through design once done, question/check things etc
  • Proceed to printing (watch carefully all steps)

Assuming all ok:

  • Get them to read the health and safety notes about operation and materials
  • Add to the trained member list!

Project Oversight

For next 2-3 projects, ensure member will find another more experienced trained user to support them (second pair of eyes)