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Class Red equipment: Do not use without specific training.
(More about equipment classes)



The bandsaw is a power tool which uses a band of continuous of metal with teeth along one edge to cut various workpieces. The band rides on two wheels rotating above and below the workpiece. The bandsaw provides a fast accurate cut more accurately than a jigsaw, with more control than the chopsaw, and a much narrower kerf. It cuts faster (and deeper pieces) than the scrollsaw, but is less able to cut curves.

Using the Band Saw

(This bit under construction - don't use without training!) Notes about supporting the piece, cutting lengthways and cross cut

Todo: add to equipment DB


Fingers, eyes, eye protection, no gloves, etc. Notes about small pieces potentially getting trapped and flipping up.


The Owners are those who have volunteered to be in charge of the equipment, organising maintenance, training others to use it, and generally being a point of contact. The current Owners of the Laser Cutter are: