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Class Red equipment: Do not use without specific training.
(More about equipment classes)



The bandsaw is a power tool which uses a continuous band of metal with teeth along one edge to cut various workpieces. The band rides on two wheels rotating above and below the workpiece. The bandsaw provides a fast accurate cut more accurately than a jigsaw, and has a much narrower kerf than the chopsaw. It cuts faster (and deeper pieces) than the scrollsaw, but is less able to cut curves. It is capable of causing severe injury so it must only be used by those trained to operate it safely. The 'owners' are responsible for training new users and ensuring that it is maintained in a safe condition.

Using the Band Saw

What can it cut?

  • Wood including
  • Perspex/acrylic and other plastics

NO METAL. [Maybe aluminium if we get the right blade?]

What is it good for?

  • Cutting thicker pieces in a straight line (or shallow curve)
  • Cutting thin slices

Also consider these other techniques

  • Scroll saw (slower, less throat height, better for curves)
  • Jigsaw (if the piece is large)
  • Chop saw (better for quick + accurate 90 degree cuts, repetitive work, metal)

Check that the machine is in good condition. Position the safety shield with the blade guide just above the workpiece to minimize the length of exposed blade. It also improves control of the cut because the blade moves less. Material much thinner than about 3 teeth on the blade should be cut with another tool. Please do not try to cut a radius smaller than about 12 times the width of the blade.

(More notes about supporting the piece, cutting lengthways and cross cut)


  • add to equipment DB
  • PAT testing (before usage)
  • Training course designed
  • Notes on here about changing the blade, aligning all 6 rollers, folding blades into thirds.
  • Source new/different cutting bands (current one is ok, but we need spares)


Wear eye protection and make sure clothes and hair cannot get caught in the blade. Gloves are not advised because they could get caught in the blade and pull your hand into it. Stand in a well balanced position facing the blade. Place the heel of your hands on the table so that you cannot easily be pushed into the blade. Guide the workpiece using your fingers only. Never cross your arms while using the saw and keep your hands on either side of the blade. Very small items could potentially get trapped between the blade and the table so they are best cut with another tool such as a hacksaw.


The Owners are those who have volunteered to be in charge of the equipment, organising maintenance, training others to use it, and generally being a point of contact. The current Owners of the Laser Cutter are:



To get the required training to become an approved operator please contact one of the owners.

The owners will help users make the best use of the saw but the users need to take responsibility for much of their own training.


There is a video at that is well worth watching. The part about band saws starts near the middle but the whole thing is worth watching, as are the other videos in the series.


Please clean the saw after use. Report any damage to an owner.