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A CNC Milling Milling Machine is a computer controlled tool that uses a rotating cutting tool to cut into a stationary workpiece.

Here's a nice video showing the basic movement of both CNC and manual vertical mills - N.B. the guy in the video shouldn't be wearing gloves, as they can cause very nasty accidents if your hand comes into contact with the cutter!

Crash Course in Milling ep1

Just a quick table on a few small CNC mills I found available readily in the UK -

Machine URL Price (UKP) Size - X Size - Y Size - Z Notes
iModela link 500 80 55 26
Heiz S400 link 1595 400 300 110
Heiz S720 link 1995 720 420 110
Heiz S1000 link 2395 1000 600 110
Sieg KX1 link 3135 260 115 185
Modela Pro MDX-540 link 13995 500 400 155 Plastic resin and light metal, 400 to 12,000 rpm,
Modela MDX-40A link 5499 305 305 105 Resins such as chemical wood and modeling wax, 4,500 to 15,000 rpm, optional scanner head (~295)
Modela MDX-20 link 2799 200 150 60 Wood, Plaster, Resin (modeling wax, styrenform), Chemical wood, Aluminum (A5052 according to JIS),Brass, 6500 rpm, includes scanning head

Caveats: These were mostly based on searching out of interest in PCB production. Prices are almost certainly not correct, extras may be needed and VAT is probably not includede - use as a guide only.