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Equipment / CNC Router / Hand Controller

CNC Router Hand Controller Guide

The purpose of this page is to act as a guide for those who are not yet fully familiar with all the functions or key commands that operate the CNC Router. The tables below can be used while operating the machine as a quick "look-up" guide.

For more in depth reading, the Router Manual can be found here in PDF form. Router Manual

Lookup Tables



Reset mechanical zero:




Assuming look at machine from the front.

Router-4.png Move left:

Router-1.png Move right:

Router-5.png Move Back (away):

Router-2.png Move Forward (towards):

Router-6.png Move Up:

Router-3.png Move Down:


Router-7.png Set the X-Y home: 7

Router-8.png Set the Z home to the current position: 8

Router-OK.png + Router-8.png Set the Z home to the top of material using sensor: OK + 8

Router-OK.png + Router-origin.png Move to workspace origin: OK + Origin

Loading & Starting a Job

Run Job from USB:



SELECT FILE Use 1 & 4 to move up and down item by item, 2 & 5 to move page by page. OK to select.


Optional To change work speed (feed rate): Use 1 & 4 to select Work Spd. Origin to edit.


Router-origin.png TYPE SPEED Router-OK.png

Optional Set Speed ratio: Use 1 & 4 to select Spd Rate. Origin to edit.


Router-origin.png ENTER Percentage of Work Speed Router-OK.png

Router-run.png Start Job:

Speed Control

Router-highlow.png Change the rapid speed when manually moving the tool: High/Low

Router-shiftup.png Increase the feed rate while job is running: Shift-Up

Router-shiftdown.png Decrease the feed rate while job is running: Shift-Down

Emergency Situation

Router-run.png Pause: Run/Pause

Router-run.png Resume from pause: Run/Pause

Router-stop.png Router-stop.png Stop current job: Stop Stop - Press 'Stop' twice!