Equipment/CNC Router/Hand Controller

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Equipment / CNC Router / Hand Controller

We have a new controller as of February 22nd, 2019. Thank you to Michael Dales and Adrian van den Heever who installed it.

Please read the User's manual (PDF) for all the information. Most settings are similar to the old router (User's manual).


The most important instruction is how to stop a job in an emergency: touch the yellow button with "PAUSE" at the bottom.

Main operational changes

- *Feed rates come from G-code by default* - check your software tools to see what they use. You can adjust it up and down from this on the pendant (up to a safety limit of 3000 mm/min). - There is no madatory home on power on, but you should do this when you first power on the machine. - No changes are required in terms of g-code supported - proceed as you did for the previous pendant (modulo the feeds thing above). - There's no internal storage on the pedant, designs run from the USB stick.

In initial usage one may get confused ramping up the feed rate whilst it was doing non-straight designs, so, until we shake out all the "features" please be cautious, and let the owners know if you have any issues.

What if the router refuses to run?

If you have done everything right and the router still won't start when you press "Run", you may have a soft-X edge issue. One user had homed the head to the point at the most left and bottom, set X-Y zero, but the router could not start from there. After turning on and off again and doing the same, in the second run the point at the most left and bottom was not the zero set in the first run. So the machine may have some variance in that lower left point.

Move the head up and right by around 0.3mm, set X-Y to 0 again, and try again.

Setting Z-0

  • Put probe under bit
  • Press advanced button
  • Scroll down to Probe
  • Press okay and wait

It takes it a moment or two to get started, but otherwise seems fine.