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* [[user:Tomoinn | Tom Oinn]]
* [[user:Tomoinn | Tom Oinn]]
* [[user:Mat-c | Mat Cook]]
* [[user:Mat-c | Mat Cook]]
* Tom Parker
== Important stuff ==
== Important stuff ==

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Class Green equipment: Negligible risk. No formal training is required or offered. If you need help just grab the nearest member and ask.
(More about equipment classes)

Equipment / Computers (CAD Workstation)


The big Dell computer with the 30 inch monitor is our CAD workstation.


Important stuff

The workstation is protected by Deep Freeze. This means that any changes you make will not be retained over a reboot. This includes any files that are not stored in the J: drive (on the desktop as *ThawSpace*). Any files not in this specific place will disappear whenever the machine is restarted. This also means that while you're welcome to use the admin account (the password is 'admin') to make changes to the configuration, add software, delete the windows partition etc, any such changes will *also* not be retained.

The SpaceMouse is a 3d mouse - it's excellent for manipulating CAD models in software that supports it. Because it's a precision input device, and because MakeSpace is a bit dusty at the best of times, it should be unplugged from USB and replaced in its soft case (the thing that looks a bit like a bike saddle cover) after use. If it's not out on the desk it should be in one of the drawers. If it's not there either it's been stolen - please report it!

Admin Account

Deep Freeze means you're welcome to use the admin account - any changes won't survive a reboot but you can install things for your session.

The password is "admin"


We have a limited selection of CAD software installed already, the easiest way to check is to click on the windows icon and see what pops up in the shortcut menu. As of 21/12/2015 we appear to have:

  • Cura 15.04.3
  • Inkscape 0.91
  • Eagle (community edition) 7.4.0
  • SketchUp
  • OpenSCAD
  • Rhino 5
  • Autodesk Fusion 360

In addition to these we have Chrome installed, and can confirm that Onshape (web based parametric CAD) works with the SpaceMouse.

To request more software, or to report issues, please either use the mailing list (preferable) or email the owners on computers@makespace.org

Connecting your laptop / pi / etc

There should be a free USB and DisplayPort cable just to the right of the monitor, connect your laptop here and use the USB switcher to connect the mouse etc to it. Please don't unplug anything!