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Class Green equipment: Negligible risk. No formal training is required or offered. If you need help just grab the nearest member and ask.
(More about equipment classes)

Class Orange equipment: Only use if you are confident doing so. Training is available if not.
(More about equipment classes)

Equipment / Electronics Workbenches

Workbenches for electronics and precision work.


Enthusiast Bench

A 1800mm x 900mm ESD cantilever bench from here


Expert Bench

A 1800mm x 900mm ESD cantilever bench from here


Shared equipment

  • Soldering irons:
    • 2x Tenma AT60D soldering stations (up to 400C) (Class: Orange)
  • Bench power supplies (e.g. a mix of 5V, 12V, variable, and multi-rail PSUs) (Class: Orange)
    • Farnell AP20-80: up to 20V at up to 80A
    • Hameg HM7042-3 dual: each channel up to 32V at up to 2A
    • Tenma 72-8695 two channels each up to 32V at up to 3A, plus a single fixed 5V/2A channel
  • Logic analyser:
    • HP 16500A (status unknown: may not be operational but has probes pack)
    • Currently assumed dead.
  • Components and small tools
    • PCB holders or "helping hands"
    • Magnifying lamps
    • Side cutters
    • Multimeters
    • Wire
    • Selection of basic components (res, caps, v-reg, basic digital logic, basic IC's - 555,358, connectors, cable)
    • Inspection microscope (fixed 20x monocular, with 80mm clearance under the lens)
  • Reflow Oven





  • Soldering microscope with inbuilt illumination
  • PCB holders (not just "helping hands")
  • Abrasive pen
  • Heatsink tweezers
  • Tweezers
  • ESD handling equipment, eg. anti-static mats, wrist-strap, earth points, tester
  • URLs or PDF manuals for the equipment


  • Logic Analyser
  • A Reflow Oven
  • Fridge for solder paste (and glues)
  • Solder paste for fridge :)

Would Be Nice

  • USB microscope with monitor (not to be confused with a soldering/lab microscope!)
  • Spectrum Analyser
  • A PC