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Makita DC18RC Li-Ion Charger


After due debate it was decided that whenever possible we would use cordless tools that use the Makita Lithium Ion battery. It means we need just one charger for most of our cordless tools. Please recharge batteries before they get flat.


Health and Safety


  • Equipment will be checked for defects before each use to minimise the risk of possible electrical faults or fire.
  • Carbon Dioxide extinguisher to be available for any electrical fires

Electric shock

  • The equipment will be checked before each use to ensure that there are no defects in the casing, battery or cutting head.


Tips & Tricks

  • Tips for maintaining maximum battery life
    • Charge the battery cartridge before completely discharging.
    • Always stop tool operation and charge the battery cartridge when you notice less tool power.
    • Never recharge a fully charged battery cartridge. Overcharging shortens the battery service life.
    • Let a hot battery cartridge cool down before charging it.

Further Information