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(Trained Users)
(Trained Users)
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* [[user:RobCopcutt|Robert Copcutt]]
* [[user:RobCopcutt|Robert Copcutt]]
* [[user:ste5eu|Steve Upton]]
* [[user:ste5eu|Steve Upton]]
* Mat Greenwood
* Jamie Powell
* Jamie Powell
* Hidde-Jan Lemstra
The following members of Makespace are trained and qualified to use the Mitre Saw, but not to train others.
The following members of Makespace are trained and qualified to use the Mitre Saw, but not to train others.
26 Jan 2017 - Steve Upton
* Jonathan Woolf
* Charlie Stokes
* Ben Brebner
* Andrew Vella
* Pete Molnar
* David Haines
* Eric Jones
22 December 2016 - Steve Upton
* Tian Huang
* Scott Cunliffe
* Martha Levine
* Jeremy Bentham
* Michael Dales
* Mark Tillotson
* Adrian Carr
* David Debb
* Pop Sharma
* Ben Evans
* John Sturdy
* Antonio Barragan
* Brian Corteil
* Mat Cook
* Tobius Roberts
* Chris Stanley
* Martin de Selincourt
* Paul Osborn
* Christie Nel
* Mat Cook
* Eckart Jack
* Fergus Riche
* Kim Spence-Jones
* Mario Aita
* Stuart Wilson
* Jon Green
* Arnando Carlone
* Andrew Lipsen
* Diana Probst
* Stephen Jeapes
* Marcin Kuzchichi
* Chris Voth
* Esther Leighton
* Harry Braviner
* Edward Imhagwe
* Josh Simpson
* Renee Chow
* Richard Fosh
* Stan Bayzk
* Mark Cheverton
* Riccardo Gherardi
* Robert Karpinski
* Matthew Grimes
* Damien Guihen
* Benjamin Butler
* Nicola Powys
* Peter Mottram
* Chris Padbury
* Stephen Harrison
* Rob Voisey
* David Horsnell
* Francisco (Paco) Cordobes
* Paul Edgington
* Stevan Wing
* Emyr James
* Aleksander Tomic
* Jason White
* Robert Yates
* Al Napp
* Martin Lenz
* Eric Gouland
* Geoff Lunn
* Steve Ogborne
* Jennifer Herbert
* John Sidinopoulos
* Jonathan Waite
* John Puddifoot
* Giovanni Orlando
* Timothy Baldock
* Luke Twydell
* Andy McDonald
* John Clarke
* Erik Pickering
* Clara Todd
* Jae Turner
* Jenny Wright
* Jo Brook
* Matt Wayland
* Henry Begg
* Phil McArthur
* Scott Allen
* Patrick Riggs
* Milosz Wasilewski
* Dan Tidhar
* Ned Booker
* Charlotte Harvey
* Louis Kovalevsky
* Ian McFarlane
* Will Morton
* Robin Sterling
* Ben Goodall
* Edward Robertson
* Daniel Cox
* Hsin-Ling Liang
* Ali King
* Adrien Leger
* David Jordan
* Alaric Worrod
* Jeanette Friggebo
* Malgorzata Van Leeuwen
* Roberto Lamlet
* Mateusz Kosturek
* Leonie Gartner
* Melanie Thielker
* Israel Garcia
* Dionysis Ahinaios
* David Rodriguez
* David Taylor
* Dario Bressan
* Maarten van Casteren

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Equipment / Mitre Saw / Training

Mitre Saw Training

Training and induction will start with a tour of the tool introducing all its parts. The following points will be covered.

  • Keep hands well away from the spinning blade.
  • Take special care to mount small items in a way that makes it impossible for them to jam against the fence, or get drawn through the gap in it.
  • Small items must not be cut with this tool because they cannot be held safely. If you were to try to hold it by hand you might let it move a little which could make the blade grab it and force it into the gap in the fence. This could pull your hand into the blade. Use a hand saw to cut small items.
  • Secure only one side of the work against the fence. If you are using a stop (to cut multiple pieces to the same length) then secure the workpiece on the same side as the stop so that when the cut is finished one side is free to move away from the blade.
  • Pull the saw towards you, turn it on and then drop it onto the work and push it to the backstop. Wait until the blade has stopped before lifting it again.
  • Never cross arms during cutting.
  • When cutting metal make sure the hot metal chips cannot hit sawdust from previous wood cuts.


Sessions are advertised on http://meetup.makespace.org

Trained Users

The following members of Makespace are owners of the mitre saw, so are trained to use and teach use of it.

The following members of Makespace are trained and qualified to use the Mitre Saw, but not to train others.