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This page is about kit provided for the use of all Makespace members. Please see Equipment/PersonalKit for information about using your own items at Makespace.

Major items (such as the laser cutter) should be treated individually, but smaller things (hand tools, electronics kit, etc.) are handled categorically. In both cases the process is essentially the same.

Obtaining New Kit

There are three ways of getting new stuff:

Makespace Purchases

Most equipment will be purchased with Makespace funds. If you would like something to be bought, the first step is to make a proposal to the mailing list, which can then be discussed before being approved by one of the directors. We do need to make sure we get the best items for the space, both in terms of making good use of funds and making sure that everything is as broadly useful as possible, so ideally your proposal should include a few alternatives and some information about why each may or may not be the best choice for Makespace. If you are able to identify suppliers and prices that makes life easier too. Finally, do a bit of research into any auxiliary items (additional bits, measuring and calibration devices, protective clothing, software, spare parts, consumables, etc.), and whether any provisions need to be made for training and safety, and include anything you can about likely ongoing operational needs.

Once the proposal has been approved, you are responsible for making the purchase and arranging for the equipment to be delivered to Makespace, and if necessary installed. Note that some specialist equipment requires a training session as part of the installation process.


Makespace welcomes donations of useful kit, however, we do need to be selective about what we take on as we have limited space, and therefore need to make sure that we fill it with equipment which provides genuine value. Certain items (heavy equipment, electronic waste, etc.) can be difficult to dispose of, so we cannot take on items with little or no useful lifetime remaning. For these reasons, please propose donating equipment via the mailing list, and only bring items to the space once you have received approval from one of the directors.

Long Term Loans

Makespace is also very happy to host useful kit on long term / indefinite loan from individuals. This basically works the same way as with donations, although you must additionally accept that the kit will be used by the Makespace membership in general, and that Makespace cannot accept liability for any damage caused. Furthermore, the Makespace directors reserve the right to require that loaned kit is removed at any time, subject to reasonable notice.

Commissioning Equipment

Before new kit can be used, a few things need to be in place:

Identifying 'Owners'

PAT Testing

Set Up Training

Create A Wiki Page

Add To The Equipment Inventory