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Equipment / Tool Classes

Tool Classes

All tools in Makespace are classified into the following three classes. The tools will be marked with coloured stickers, tape, tags or paint.

Before using a tool, be sure to identify what class the device is in.


- High risk of personal injury or moderate or higher risk of damage to equipment from untrained use -

Induction Mandatory.

This category are devices where there is a high risk the operator will do more damage to themselves than can be fixed with a plaster or that the equipment represents a high barrier to entry that will result in equipment damage if used by an un-inducted operator.

The device is NOT TO BE USED unless you have been through and passed the induction plan for the device.


- Low to moderate risk of personal injury -

Training optional, but you must feel confident in the use of the device and have read the related wiki page.

If you are in any way unsure, you must stop and ask for help.

These are the types of devices that most Makespace members will likely already be familiar with and have used at some point; Jigsaws, power drills and soldering irons being examples. If a member is unsure how to use a device, then structured training will be available. Members can be ‘asked’ to attend training if they are seen to be struggling, but the expectation is people will know their limits and be responsible and ask for help.


- Negligible Risk -

No formal safety training offered.

Devices that represent low to no risk. If you need help with one of these, just grab the nearest member and ask.


Unmarked items are probably green, but if you're uncertain, check the wiki. Use your common sense!