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Equipment / Vinyl Cutter


Craft 0020 Robo.jpg

The CraftRobo vinyl cutter is being replaced by the new Silver Bullet. For information on the old cutter, please look here: CraftRobo


The new Silver Bullet cutter is being commissioned by the Owners. For now, DO NOT USE!

The takslist for commissioning the equipment is here: Equipment/Silver Bullet Commissioning

Using the Vinyl Cutter


The Owners are those nominally in charge of the equipment, organising its maintenance, helping others to use it, and generally being a point of contact.

The current Owners of the Vinyl Cutter are:

If you have any questions, problems or concerns around the vinyl cutter, or would like a personal introduction to how it all works, these are the people to contact.


The fact sheet for the Vinyl Cutter can be found here: Fact Sheet

Health and Safety

The vinyl cutter is a potentially dangerous piece of equipment which must be operated with due care. The top things to always remember when using the vinyl cutter are:


The risk assessment is located here: Formal Risk Assessment: Vinyl Cutter

Safety Notes

  • SHARP BLADE - when handling the blade (eg. to adjust or change caps for different thickness) take care not to cut yourself
  • TRAPPING - The head and roller of the machine are moved by programs in the machine's memory. Be careful when near the machine, it will possibly move even if the PC is off. Always keep the cover closed when cutting


We stock Heat Vinyl on the left (for TShirts) and Sticky Backed Vinyl on the right (for Signs).

Heat Vinyl is cut upside down and mirrored. Sticky Vinyl is cut right way up and right way round.

Draft instructions for use assuming Sticky Vinyl. If using Heat Vinyl, see TShirtPress for alternative instructions as it's substantially different and must be mirrored.

Read all instructions and warnings before you start

Overall idea:

  • Create in Inkscape (see notes below about scaling if you use Illustrator!)
  • Load into SureCutsALot
  • Cut on the Silver Bullet
  • Press on the heat press or stick to something.


  • Create your vinyl masterpiece in Inkscape
    • Convert all your objects to path
    • Check with view outlines it's what you want (line thickness is ignored remember)
    • View -> Display Mode -> Outline
    • Save as SVG
  • Import into Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) on the vinyl cutter PC
    • Check scale (you'll need to make things 25% larger if using Illustrator. Please don't change SCAL import settings)
    • Do not mirror for sticky vinyl.
    • View as outline to check (sometimes this will show things that it otherwise hides)
    • Check tool offset is 0.25mm (Cutter -> Cutter Settings)
    • Check mat orientation in SCAL (portrait/landscape)
  • Set up Silver Bullet
    • Check correct tip installed (usually 45 degree standard cutter, "Click blade holder", the red one)
    • Insert sticky vinyl (if using Heat Vinyl, see TShirtPress for alternative instructions)
    • Please put money for the vinyl in the honesty box straight away
    • Load up Silver Bullet with Sticky Backed Vinyl. Use the Silver Bullet Cutting Sheet to make life easy, you can get away without it for stiffer materials if leave 5cm at the top and 1cm at the bottom. Portrait or Landscape to match Cutting Sheet settings in SCAL.
    • Check cut depth on red Click Blade Holder (4 for vinyl?)
    • Offline mode, set to bottom right and ZERO it (offline mode, cross hair button).
      • After Zeroing, press Test to do a test rectangle. Check it cuts the vinyl but not the backing.
    • Move cutting head to bottom right of sheet (material at back of printer) and zero it (offline, cross hair)
    • Double check you zero'd it and press Online on the Silver Bullet.
    • In SCAL:
      • Delete any colours you're not cutting (undo with ctrl-Z later, but don't under your mirroring!)
      • Menu: Cutter -> Cut With Silver Bullet.
      • Select Use Software Speed and Pressure. For Vinyl set to Speed = 200 and f=50. (could go faster? needs checking)
      • Select "Origin Point". Bottom right of piece to match location in SCAL.
      • Check Silver Bullet is Online.
      • "Cut" to start
      • Will start immediately. If there is a delay, you probably forgot Online mode and you should wait for it to download before pressing Online (probably - needs checking)

Official Documentation and Further Information