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Equipment / Vinyl Cutter


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The Vinyl cutter is a small (210mm wide) Graphtec CraftRobo device. It can cut a variety of materials, up to around 400mm long. Items smaller than 210mm wide can be used by putting them on a special support sheet.

Using the Vinyl Cutter


The Owners are those nominally in charge of the equipment, organising its maintenance, helping others to use it, and generally being a point of contact.

The current Owners of the Vinyl Cutter are:

If you have any questions, problems or concerns around the vinyl cutter, these are the people to contact.


No formal training is required to operate the Vinyl Cutter. If you intend to make something using the cutter please read the Health & Safety and Safety Notes sections below before doing so. The manual is also available online in case you require additional information.

Health and Safety

The vinyl cutter is a potentially dangerous piece of equipment which must be operated with due care. The top things to always remember when using the vinyl cutter are:


Safety Notes

  • SHARP BLADE - when handling the blade (eg. to adjust or change caps for different thickness) take care not to cut yourself
  • TRAPPING - The head and roller of the machine are moved by programs in the machines memory. Be careful when near the machine, it will possibly move even if the PC is off. Always keep the cover closed when cutting


(rough draft)

  1. Check the cutter is clear from any remnants of previous operations, and turn on with the button on the top right-hand side. The light should come on blue and the blade index itself to the home position.
  2. Start 'RoboMaster' software
  3. Create design, e.g. by adding text. To add a pre-created image, click "Insert -> File" (doesn't support PNG -- you can use Paint to create it to BMP), then while the image is selected, click "Edit -> Get Outline" to start the autotracer. "Paste and Quit" adds the cutlines to the design.
  4. Click "File -> CraftRobo" to start the Controller
  5. Insert media into cutter by aligning with the white rollers and using the manual feed dial on the left-hand side (it turns in the opposite direction you'd expect) till the end of the paper is roughly lined up with the metal bit. If you are using media narrower than A4 then use the carrier sheet
  6. Make sure Thickness is set to correct value for inserted media -- you can click 'Test Cut' (after the head has been moved to an appropriate position with the Cursor buttons)
  7. Click "Cut" and confirm to start the cutting process


The Graphtec supplied 'RoboMaster' software for Windows has been installed on the PC which is also connected to the 3D printer.

Software to drive the cutter is available for linux now, but has not been installed or tested yet.


As the device is fairly narrow the media must either be cut down from regular bulk supplies, or bought ready cut. MDP supplies stock plenty of different media ready to use.

MDP supplies

There are currently two rolls of application tape, a 'weeding' pen and a spare blade with the machine. There is also some leftover sticky-backed vinyl and some iron-on 'hot-flex' material.


The maintenance of the Vinyl Cutter is carried out by the Owners, with some basic maintenance being carried out by Users on every job. It is not known what maintenance will be required yet, and the manuals don't list any specific operations.

Maintenance Schedule

We expect to have to change the following parts for general maintenance:

  • The blade (guess every 6-12 months)

Maintenance Log

Reactive Maintenance

Regular Maintenance

Maintenance Shopping List

  • TBD

Further Information