Equipment Status

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Please be aware that this can only be a "best guess" as equipment may break at any time.

  • Red = not working
  • Orange = see notes
  • Green = fully working

All equipment requires induction training before you can use it, except the Vinyl Cutter and TShirt press for which training is available.

Device Status    Date Notes
LaserCutter 1 - Betsy*   19 Jan 2015 Laser in full working order, PC may be unstable? [blue screen]
LaserCutter 2 - Jaws*   19 Jan 2015 Head occasionally "judders". May cause alignment issues. Owners aware but confused.
CNC Router*  
Makerbot 3D Printer*  
"Up" 3D Printer*   07 Jan 2015 Working with new control board (thinks it's a Rep-Rap) but needs documented toolchain
Model Mill*  
Bandsaw*   Fine toothed blade only. No thick pieces.
Wood lathe*   21 Nov 2014 Working, but usable by owners only, because we have no training course yet.
Metal lathe*  
Warco Mill*   23 Dec 2014 Working, but usable by owners only. Training course is being finalised
Vinyl Cutter++   21 Nov 2014 Fixed by resetting baud rate on SB to 38400 - Paul
T-Shirt Heat Press++   5 Nov 2014

Marked * = Red labelled equipment: you need to be inducted before use of this equipment.
Marked ++ = Orange labelled equipment: use with caution, but you do not need to be trained (you do need to be an inducted keyfob holding Makespace member)