Equipment Status

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Please be aware that this can only be a "best guess" as equipment may break at any time.

  • Red = not working
  • Orange = see notes
  • Green = fully working
Device Status    Date Notes
LaserCutter 1 - Betsy*   03 Jun 2015 Lid Bracket replaced, cut tested
LaserCutter 2 - Jaws*   31 Mar 2015  :)
CNC Router*  
Makerbot 3D Printer*   23 Feb 2015 Working, except RH extruder
"Up" 3D Printer*   07 Jan 2015 Working with new control board (thinks it's a Rep-Rap) but needs documented toolchain
Model Mill*  
Bandsaw*   Working as of 9th April.
Belt/Disc Sander++   16 April 2015 Bearing replaced. Thanks Kim/Roger/Lee
Wood lathe*   21 Nov 2014 Working, but usable by owners only, because we have no training course yet.
Metal lathe*  
Warco Mill*   23 Dec 2014 Working, but usable by owners only. Training course is being finalised
Vinyl Cutter++   29 Mar 2015 New PC installed, SW installed and activated, ready for use - Paul
T-Shirt Heat Press++   5 Nov 2014

Marked * = Red labelled equipment: you need to be inducted before use of this equipment.
Marked ++ = Orange labelled equipment: use with caution, but you do not need to be trained (you do need to be an inducted keyfob holding Makespace member)

"Red category" equipment requires induction training before you can use it; "Orange category" items such as Vinyl Cutter and TShirt press may be used having read the manual, and training is available -- take advantage of it or ask for help if you are at all unsure. (Note: Categories should not be confused with equipment status in the table above)