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Proposed Makespace events

Recurring events:

  • See the space
  • Inductions
  • Open makernight- a makernight for non-members where members will be available to provide help with green/yellow equipment
  • Members makernight- an excuse to get inactive members into the space, with optional themes (halloween, valentine's day, etc)
  • Family makers
  • Arduinos and cake- an informal meetup for people who like baked goods and using or learning about microcontrollers
  • RasPI/OpenDCU
  • OCaml?
  • "Beginners guide to..."- a set of introductory hands-on-ish sessions for people to teach how to do makespace-related stuff, whether that be using software like Inkscape or how to knit

One-off events:

  • Lightning talks
  • Project speed dating
  • Chain reaction second making weekend
  • Chain reaction actual event
  • Basic woodwork/metalwork/electronics inductions
  • Pre-christmas decorate the space, and making supplies for Make your own christmas decorations. Come and make a vacuum formed santa to hang from the ceiling, or premake supplies that the open "Make your own christmas decorations" event can use
  • Make your own christmas decorations- an open event where we supply basic premade ingredients (laser cut snowflakes, CNCed christmas tree ornaments etc.) for people to customise.
  • "Bring it, fix it"- if you have misbehaving appliances, bring them into the space where members with electrical knowhow will be on hand to help fix problems