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* Get volume from Preform
* Get volume from Preform
* 20p per ml
* 15p per ml except Tough which is 20p per ml
* Weigh failed prints
* Weigh failed prints
* Pay for support structure too
* Pay for support structure too

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Form One 3D Printer Training

This page documents the process for being trained on the Form One+ Printer.


The training introduction is suitable for 1-5 members at a time and takes about two hours. You will learn how to use the Form One safely without damaging either the printer or yourself.


For discussing and arranging slots, please use the mailing list. New training sessions will be announced on the Meetup group.


  • You can only be trained if you have RSVP'd to a Meetup session

Training Notes

These notes are an aide-memoir for Form One trainers.

1. Ask what each member hopes to get out of the 3D printer.

2. Explain how SLA printing works

3. Loading resin

  • Topping up a tank
  • Loading a tank

4. Software / workflow

  • Setting quality / speed trade off
  • Importing
  • One click print
  • Importance of part orientation
  • Supports
  • Printing

PRINT TEST PIECE Continue up to (9) while printing is in progress

5. Safety

  • Ingestion
  • Skin irritation
  • Eye irritation
  • Fume inhalation
  • Fire
  • Injury from sharp tools
  • Electrocution

6. Damage to machine

  • Remove build plate before resin tray
  • Keep the lid shut

7. Types of resin

  • Clear, fast print mode
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Tough
  • Avoid cross contamination

8. Resin pricing

  • Get volume from Preform
  • 15p per ml except Tough which is 20p per ml
  • Weigh failed prints
  • Pay for support structure too

9. Unloading resin

  • Combing tank
  • Replace the lid
  • Store in the right place
  • Replace the blank tank

10. Finishing

  • Removal from build plate
  • Cleaning
  • Post-curing
  • Support removal