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> The Archdiocese of Chicago will hand over thousands of pages documenting clergy sex abuse allegations to victims' attorneys who have fought for years to hold the Catholic Church accountable for its handling of such claims. <br>Victims' attorneys next week will make public the documents detailing allegations of crimes concealed and priests assigned to positions that allowed them to continue molesting children. <br>The files on the nation's third-largest archdiocese will include complaints, personnel documents and other files for about 30 priests with substantiated abuse allegations.<br><br>The ordinariness of the ordinary citizen taking action is both potentially revolutionary and democratic. Street demonstrations are participatory democracy especially when it's a wide swath of one's country representing all kinds of people...Why is mass protest not the first step towards democracy?<br><br>isolated places - which we are afraid of, because we won't be secure," Xiao Chuan, a 46-year-old prostitute from China, told the Associated Press. Prostitutes are fearful that the proposed law, which would see fines of 1,500 euro ($2,000) levelled against those who pay for sex, would force their trade further underground. <br>The fines would be doubled for repeat offenders. <br>"Clients will be afraid of arrest, so they will be wanting to take us to places more and more hidden, for example in basements, parking lots, in forests ...<br><br>Maybe one's person's checks and balances is another's coup. Maybe - but probably not...critics say that the military is not an elected body. Traditional political language is not helpful here. But neither are the corporations that run much of the world.<br><br><br>- Archana Kumar, Oasis worker After establishing contact with pimps and verifying the presence of minors, we would report to the police at the state level, otherwise local police would rapidly inform the pimps for 10,000 rupees.<br><br><br>France and the UK are two of the 10 biggest tourist markets for India. Keep your hotel room number confidential and make sure hotel room doors have chains, deadlocks, and spy-holes." The Canadian government offered similar advice, while the French government singled out Delhi.<br>"The greatest caution is recommended, particularly in Paharganj, a popular area close to Connaught Place and New Delhi Railway Station, very popular with tourists for its cheap hotels," it said. The US, the top market for India, updated its travel advice last March to read: "Indian authorities report rape is one of the fastest growing crimes in India.<br><br>Married couples "tend to be more productive, they tend to stick with their jobs, they tend to take better care of their health, [and are] more likely to [make] investments in their community as homeowners".<br><br>Travel companies fear India is increasingly gaining a reputation for being unsafe for women, with some telling The Hindu newspaper there had already been a drop in the number of travellers from Germany. If this continues, it is bound to impact inbound tourism." <br>Madhavan Menon, from Thomas Cook India, told the paper: "With more and more such cases happening in India, international tourists, especially European tourists, are viewing this negatively.<br><br><br>Information on the UK's Foreign Office website said: "Serious sexual attacks involving Polish, German and Danish women travellers have been reported so far in 2014. Women travellers should exercise caution when travelling in India even if they are travelling in a group." The UK, Canada and France issued the advice on Thursday, after last week's gang-rape of a Danish woman in Delhi.<br><br>Here is more in regards to [http://www.lawforchange.org/NewsBot.asp?MODE=VIEW&ID=5283 наебнуть] take a look at our own site. > Fortaleza, Brazil - If last year's Confederations Cup was a warm-up for the World Cup in Brazil, it was also a practice run for those working to protect children from sexual exploitation during the FIFA event. <br>"We are worried about the World Cup. It is a very big event and lots of people will be coming to Fortaleza from outside," says Leana Regia Faiva de Souza, from the Secretariat of Human Rights in the state of Ceara, which is coordinating an initiative to prevent child-sex exploitation. nAnd there's a good reason to dread the start of the football championship in June judging by last year's tournament, say officials and frontline workers in the northeastern city of Fortaleza, which will host six World Cup matches.<br><br>Police say their investigation gathered CCTV footage showing the pair entering the elevator - although there was no camera inside it - and other evidence including email and SMS exchanges between them.<br><br>Spotlight Follow our special India coverage<br>On Monday Tejpal was charged with a series of offences including sexual harassment, outraging modesty and rape, in one of the highest-profile cases since India toughened its rape laws last year.<br><br>> The head of Japan's influential public broadcaster has used his first public comments to say that Japan's World War Two policy of forcing conquered foreign women into sex slavery was "common in any country at war".
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