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It has plagued sporting associations and clubs for decades, and has rightly been met with admirable attempts to curb abuse: organisations such as Kick It Out and the introduction of financial sanctions have incentivised moral conduct on the sporting field, while addressing the notion that it is the role of sport to hold its players and supporters accountable for misplaced opinions.

Sebo Rosso
Not only does this slimline upright vacuum cleaner look fantastic with its gleaming ruby-red design, but it's powerful, light, and glides along carpets and wooden floors effortlessly.
The flexible neck makes it easier to steer around fixtures and furnishings, while the L-shaped head cleans up to edges.

Asimov is pretty much spot on in this, and he even predicts that in the World�s Fair of 2014 a prime exhibit might be a �large, clumsy, slow-moving� robot cleaner that is capable of �general picking-up, arranging, cleaning and manipulation of various appliances.�
This romantic conception of the multi-purpose android (human in its mobility if not in its intelligence) is as much as a novelty as ever, although specialised bots working in industry have become an established reality (and more on those later).

If our Conservative Party has any chance of surviving the next general election, surely David Cameron should reconsider his position as leader and stand down to allow grassroots MPs to elect a prospective Prime Minister who is more in carpet cleaning San Diego (have a peek here) touch with British people?

Sure enough there was indeed a surprise right at the very end of the credits; but did it need such a sledgehammer reminder to keep watching, neatly killing any suspension of disbelief at the same time? Those who switched off or over would have learned from friends the next day that they had missed a surprise, and marvelled even more at the originality of the series.
Those of us who managed to sit through the 30 seconds of credits would have enjoyed the excellent surprise.

Aneurin Bevan was correct: the Conservatives are �lower than vermin�. This Government, which is busy whipping up racist hysteria over Bulgarian and Romanian migrants, has just made Angela Lansbury - a naturalised American citizen since 1951 - a Dame of the British Empire in the New Year Honours.

n�Population pressure will force increasing penetration of desert and polar areas.�
Asimov was entirely correct in his prediction that medical advances �will have cut the death rate [and] lifted life expectancy in some parts of the world to age 85� (well, it�s as high as 83 in Japan and Switzerland, whilst the UK has an average of 80 and the US is at 79) but the idea that humanity would feel the need to colonise the desert or the polar regions is misplaced, as is his prediction that the world of 2014 will have �undoubtedly� agreed to �lower the birth rate� to stem population growth. You might not be plugging directions into your GoogleCar for the morning commute, you might soon be stepping into a driverless pod to power you round Milton Keynes. nThe EN-V Pod, one of the many driverless 'car' designs that could change how we get around city centers.

Let�s hope it isn�t so crass in the next series. What a pity that it almost spoiled the achievement by treating the audience like children and doubting its ability to concentrate for an extra half a minute. And let�s hope that will be soon. Sherlock series three in pictures
Breaking Bad, Broadchurch and Sherlock all achieved that, even if the last had to come with a gauche announcer who Sherlock himself would have given short shrift. The health of the nation is enhanced by the shared television experience giving us something to talk about the next day.

They haven't buried anyone there since 1945."
Riiight. We made our excuses, put on our shoes and fled. I frowned at the sea of crosses and sadness, mere yards away from the back door. Cleverly, the estate agent opted to forget that the empty property's power had been switched off so, as it was 6pm, my wife and I had to use the ambient light from our phones as rudimentary torches to creep around. The vendor clearly noticed my concern, chipping in helpfully with: "It's only a military cemetery.
The next house we saw was another washout.

Though his childhood home was near Tynecastle, headquarters of local rivals Heart of Midlothian, and the Jambos attempted to sign him when he left school, he hailed from an Irish background on his father's side, so his enthusiasm was always for the Easter Road brigade.
Crucially to the Hibs supporters who idolised him, Reilly was a one-club man. With his four comrades - right-winger Gordon Smith, inside-right Bobby Johnstone, inside-left Eddie Turnbull and left-winger Willie Ormond - already laid to rest, the Edinburgh-born centre-forward was the last surviving member of a revered company.

Beijing smog: we've seen population growth but at the cost of possibly irreversible environmental damage. is that in a society of enforced leisure, the most glorious single word in the vocabulary will have become work!�
Okay, so this final sentence of Asimov�s is certainly tongue-in-cheek but it indicates a serious belief that increasingly efficient machines will unburden society of work and that we will - in the writer�s own words - effectively become �a race of machine tenders� suffering �badly from the disease of boredom.� n�The most somber speculation I can make about A.D.