Hazardous Materials

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If you are thinking of bringing a material into Makespace, either to use or to store, you should follow these instructions.

A range of materials may be hazardous to health including possibly 3D printer filaments, cleaning substances, adhesives, etc. These may present a risk to anyone in the space if materials not stored and used appropriately.

If the material container is marked with any substance warnings such as an orange symbol, or contains any safety label implying that a hazard is present, then an MSDS is required. If in doubt about whether a material needs an MSDS sheet see MSDS.com or other appropriate reference information before bringing the material into the space.

For each material brought into the space for which such a sheet is required, the relevant MSDS must be found, printed out, and stored in the MSDS sheets storage location in the Store Room. All instructions on material usage and storage on the sheet must be followed. Talk to a Trusted Member of Makespace if you are not sure what to do.

DOn't bring a material which you are unsure about into Makespace without checking first. If unusual safety or storage requirements are needed you should check with makespace in advance whether or not the material can be safely handled on the premises, and if not, don't bring it in.

What to do if you have a material you aren't sure about?

  • Eg if you buy consumer paint stripper, it might seem safe, but it's now in a workplace, so you need to print the MSDS datasheet and store it in the Store Room with the other files. If there’s a symbol on the back (such as an orange symbol) or you don’t want to drink it - then that means worry about it and get the MSDS and do what it says.
  • Before making a new chemical (for instance by mixing chemicals or

applying heat or electricity) check the MSDS for the reactants and the likely products.