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Things to tell people when hosting an open meeting

1. The Health and Safety stuff

  • Draw attention to the notice on the wall near the entrance, and make sure people read it
  • Point out fire exits (main entrance, back of main room, upstairs near the toilets and at the end of the corridor past the office). Mention that the front door needs a tag, or break glass to right of door in the event of emergency.
  • Point out that many potentially dangerous activities take place; don't touch anything you might regret. (Example: glass rods remain hot enough to burn you long after they look cold)

2. The administrivia

  • Point out the route to the toilets. Explain the need to put the tag on the outside in order to be able to get back in. [Note: if you host a meeting, it's your responsibility at the end of the meeting to check that the tag is back inside Makespace]
  • Draw attention to the WiFi password
  • Explain that the kitchen offers free cold water on tap, and other stuff at 50p an item (unless otherwise marked), including coffee, tea, cold drinks and snacks.

3. The advertising

  • Offer a tour of the place to those who have not visited recently/ever
  • Mention that membership is open to all.
  • Mention that posters are in a pile by the door and we would appreciate them being displayed in workplaces/anywhere else people would like to put them.