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If you've been asked or want to buy something for Makespace, this is how to do it:

1. Check that you are authorised to buy the thing (otherwise you might have to pay for it yourself!). How to do this:

  • Mail with the details of what you plan to buy and the price and why you think we should buy it (ideally this is a note that it was discussed in a planning meeting or on google group or similar). If there are several items please write them out in separate lines.
  • When Laura, Simon or Jonny respond with a "This purchase is authorised" you know you can go ahead. Otherwise, feel free to go ahead, but it is at your own risk - you might not get your money back!

2. Make sure you know exactly what you are buying - check with the community (eg via Google group) if you aren't sure.

3. Buy the thing.

  • If it's a normal purchase: go ahead. Make sure you get a receipt and a VAT receipt if available.
  • If it's a trade sale: Makespace's VAT number and registered address are on and you might need them. If you are setting up a trade account you might want to check with management@ first because if invoices are going to arrive, we need to spot them and pay them!
  • If it's an informal transaction, eg cash in hand, you should think about how you are going to show that the transaction took place!
  • If it's getting delivered to Makespace directly, you might want to make sure there will be someone around to sign for it - ask on the Google Group or in IRC.

4. Assuming you paid for the thing, please scan the receipt (or take a photo of it!) and email it to along with your bank details (sort code, name on account, account number).

We will try to pay you by bank transfer within a week or two; if you desperately need quick payment, you should probably check before you spend any money that we can process the receipt quickly.

5. Bring the thing to Makespace and follow the new thing process: New Equipment Induction

6. Bring the paper receipt to Makespace and leave in the dropbox on the back office / Store Room door.