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If you want to buy something for Makespace or are asked to buy something: How to buy things for Makespace

If you want to organise an event check the Events policy

If you want to donate stuff: Donations Policy

If you want to show a potential member around the space: SeeTheSpace

If stuff goes wrong What to do if stuff goes wrong

If you want to take on a task and be responsible for it:

  • if someone else is already working on something you'd like to do, get in touch with them (the google group is a good start for finding most people). You might be able to help, or they might be happy to hand over to you
  • check with the community before going ahead with any plans - you are coordinating stuff and making it happen, but makespace is for all of us
  • If you are going to do stuff to the infrastructure of Makespace, check with Laura/Jonny/Simon at management@ before finalising plans to make sure it is OK.
  • ask if you aren't sure! There are no stupid questions in Makespace :)
  • cross it off the list when it's done